Casino owners and managers want to understand their customers better and create cutomized experiences inspiring them to return again and again. Deep North products provide casino owners and floor managers an array of AI-based solutions for marketing and safety.
Our AI technology can provide casino owners and managers with the following metrics:


  • Unique and Repeat visitors.
  • Peak occupancy.
  • Customer dwell time.
  • Customer experience and loyalty building.
  • Table and Game performance.


  • Abnormal behaviour detection for individuals and crowds.
  • Occupancy count by sections and building total.
  • 24-hour surveillance inside and outside of the casinos.
  • Monitor No-Go areas.
  • Direct alerts to security.

Real-Time Customer Demographic

Age, Gender, Emotions to provide a better and more personalized customer experience. Knowing accurate customer demographics let casinos build a loyal customer base that will feel more welcomed and increase the odd of them returning.

Casino Performance

Understand customers interactactions with the games. Know which machines and tables are attracting people and how long they are staying. Make real-time adjustments for a better customer experience.


Deep North products include a comprehensive security system tha can detect categories of interest and issue alerts for emergency vehicles, unusual motion detection, transient, crowds, and more. Our AI-based motion and gesture detection can identify unusal activity such as unauthorised entries, unattended bag/package, loitering, and high priority security alerts.


Deep North products can be customized and trained for specific requirements.