Checkout IQ

Computer Vision and AI-based Checkout IQ Solution Helps Reduce Asset Loss at Checkout & Self-Checkout

Checkout IQ provides retailers with a seamless way to monitor and rectify potential thefts, prevent unintentional billing errors, and address other retail fraud activities such as employee/customer collaborations. The technology also improves customer experience by preventing items from being out of stock unexpectedly due to theft.

Gain Item-level Loss Event Visibility and Prioritize Real-Time Actionable Alerts

Deep North AI-enabled computer vision empowers retailers to fight retail shrink with better loss prevention solutions at the front of the store.

Loss Prevention

Theft Reduction

Better Inventory Control

How It Works

Deep North Checkout IQ with Computer Vision and AI

Deep North Technology Reveals Actionable Data

Intelligent Video Analytics give you deeper visibility and highly accurate data on the item-level loss while reducing revenue leakage and improving operational efficiency

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