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Commercial Real Estate

Owners of commercial real estate such as apartment complexes, co-working spaces, and office buildings are preparing for a broad sweep of changes to their operations. Specifically, they will need to focus on reducing risks across their premises, re-planning and optimizing their spaces, and adding an AI layer to their access management solutions. Deep North can help them adopt these changes and provide a safe and productive environment.
Space Planning

Space Planning


Using Deep North’s Cross-Zone traffic solutions, track people’s movement within various office buildings and zones to redesign office layouts in the post-COVID era.

Using our Occupancy solution, businesses can view real-time occupancy and usage of workspaces, meeting rooms, and common areas, such as fitness centers or the cafeteria, to improve space utilization.

Deep North’s Pathing capability can illuminate dominant paths and most visited ‘hot spots’ to place sanitation bays or place important announcements/notices, in line with existing gating procedures of the apartment or office.

People and Access

People and Access


Stagger access and usage of elevators and exits with AI-backed insights into peak hours and employee/ residents footfall analytics.

Using our Alerts feature, prevent unauthorized access in areas such as game rooms or fitness centers, while Covid-19 restrictions are on, resulting in improved facility management.

Disruption & Risk

Disruption & Risk


Sanitization Management allows monitoring of hygiene of high touch surfaces such as workstations, seating. and elevators.

Our Zone Occupancy functionality brings data on real-time occupancy and social distancing to the fore, which assures apartment residents about the safety and availability of common areas, such as pools and fitness centers.

Mask Detection ensures visitor and employee safety at leasing offices and front desks in apartments and offices.

'''With the application of Deep North's Covid-19 solutions for Commercial Real Estate, businesses can eventually become stronger with enhanced safety, improved efficiencies, and delivery of superior customer experiences.''

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