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Retailers are the worst-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their journey back to retail ‘spring’, or business normalcy, relies on how quickly they can adapt to the changing needs of customers. They need to provide a safe environment for people while re-evaluating their business processes and marketing strategies. Retailers can utilize Deep North’s AI driven insights to improve internal efficiencies, control occupancy levels as per safety standards, and deliver smoother shopping experiences for customers.
Footfall Tracking

Footfall Tracking


Use Deep North’s People Detection technology to count people outside store entrances and optimize services for AI-predicted peak hours. Stores can assign safe shopping hours for at-risk shoppers or reserve shopping
hours to control occupancy.

With our Zone Occupancy solution, measure real-time occupancy at different aisles or sections to provide fast-tracked shopping experiences and serve more customers safely each day.

Save payroll costs by automating staggered entry and exits, both frontdoor and back-door using our platform’s people counting features, in keeping with social distancing guidelines.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior


Use Heat Maps to understand where in-store customers cluster to ensure proper shelving and distancing between essential and high-trafficked goods.

Using Deep North’s Customer Segmentation solution, easily identify repeat customers to serve them quickly and match their expected service standards. Given that time spent in the store needs to be minimized for everyone’s benefit, faster conversion would translate to additional revenue from customers who are waiting to shop.

Attracting high-value customers will be prioritized as ROI becomes top-of-mind. Deep North’s Sales IQ tool offers footfall and conversion analysis to track changing consumer purchase patterns. Using this feature, stores can optimize strategies to improve sales.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety


With our Mask Detection capability, conveniently monitor large crowds throughout the day and get alerted in case of a breach.

Display our Tablet apps outside stores so customers can see current instore occupancy and estimated wait times and decide when it is safest to enter.

Maintaining good workplace hygiene can now be standardized using our Sanitization Management solution. It monitors the schedule and coverage of sanitization measures as well as the total time taken for each cleaning activity.

''With the application of Deep North's Covid-19 Retail Solutions, businesses can eventually become stronger with enhanced safety, improved efficiencies, and delivery of superior customer experiences.''

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