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Shopping might not be the same until a vaccine has been developed and administered for the majority. Mall owners will face difficult challenges such as carrying out social distancing, managing the flow of people through malls, and stepping up intense screening exercises. They will need to adopt technology-led solutions to manage operations, retain tenants, and invite customers back into shopping centers. Our expertise in consumer behavior within physical environments can help influence this turnaround.
Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence


Using Deep North’s Vehicle Analytics, shopping malls can introduce smart initiatives such as a curbside pick-up service, where shoppers can pick up their items without having to leave their vehicles. Or they can set up
greeting stations where masks/gloves are provided.

Tablets displaying mall and store occupancy levels at the mall entrance can allay concerns around safety and health risks.

Gain customer loyalty by speeding up order fulfillment using zone analytics. This helps the elderly and high-risk individuals especially by speeding up their shopping and minimizing time spent.




Deep North’s in-store analytics tracks tenant performance by integrating sales data across stores. Malls that are reopening will benefit from smarter ROI measurements, based on the integration of sales data with footfall

Manage significant changes to mall operations such as constraints on visitor occupancy and limited hours by collaboratively working with tenants, partners and shoppers.

Malls can take advantage of our Occupancy and Social Distancing solutions to win consumer trust and differentiate from the competition.




Using Deep North’s extensive data, create tenant compliance scorecards to benchmark efforts, track overall progress and course-correct as necessary.

Deep North’s Sanitization Management solution captures employee safety compliance of washing hands and regular sanitization of high-touch surfaces especially in places such as food courts or cinema theatres.

Malls can also ensure occupancy limits are adhered to across several properties, both locally and region-wide, by monitoring real-time occupancy on our dashboard and mobile apps.

''With the application of Deep North's COVID-19 Solutions for Shopping Centers, businesses can eventually become stronger with enhanced safety, improved efficiencies, and delivery of superior customer experiences.''

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