Reopening of Economy and Business

Computer Vision Solutions for Businesses


Airlines are under tremendous pressure to contain the Coronavirus transmission, even flight bans and cancellations impact their revenue. Undertaking a balanced approach to recovery will require intelligent video solutions that will prioritize the people’s safety, in close coordination with the government and airport authorities. Deep North’s market-leading technology solutions enable airlines to deliver on all fronts.

Passenger Experience


Our Queue Monitoring systems allow airports to share expected passenger
wait times, for example, the lines at the check-in counters to avoid

Deep North software measures real-time occupancy of zones such as
check-in counters and baggage pickups to determine when it is safest for
people to enter.

Detect and correct anomalies in standard operating procedures such as
social distancing with alerts sent to the ground staff, or localized
announcements. Inform and involve the public in maintaining these
standards by displaying warnings or risks prominently.

Health and Safety


Deep North’s Thermal Analytics solutions can track body temperatures
across large clusters of people at the airport.

Our PPE Detection solutions such as mask detection offer real-time
insights on employee and passenger compliance with government
safety regulations.

Airlines can generate positive PR by sharing how they maintain high
standards leveraging Occupancy and Social Distancing solutions in their
lounges to protect their frequent flyers.

Turnover Operations


Deep North can send alerts to the ground staff, as well as provide a 360-
degree perspective of activity on the floor. Airlines dealing with pruned
ground staff post-COVID will find this useful in mobilizing lean teams

Use Deep North’s centralized dashboard to improve coordination between
professional cabin cleaning teams, caterers, and airplane crews, keeping
social distancing measures in mind.

Launch a revenue recovery roadmap that will include lowering turnaround
times and minimizing ground expenses. Video intelligence can proactively
monitor operations across large setups.

''With the application of Deep North's COVID-19 Travel Solutions, businesses can eventually become stronger with enhanced safety, improved efficiencies, and delivery of superior customer experiences.''

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