The Digitization Of Offline Retail: Taking Your Store Online

Not long ago, our CEO Rohan Sanil joined the panel at the weekly hosted podcast, Retail Refined, along with two other prominent industry leaders.

Melissa Gonzalez, the host of the podcast Retail Refined, leads the discussion around the new normal for the retail sector and beyond. She is the founder of The Lionesque Group, an award-winning firm of retail strategists and pop-up architects.

In this podcast, Rohan was joined by Radius8 CEO and Founder Sandeep Bhanote and Pilot Consulting Founder Ken Pilot as they explored the challenges of retailers Post-COVID era and how technology will transform the physical space.

Pragmatic AI for Retail and Beyond

The growth of online retailing has led many pundits to predict the demise of the retail store and the shopping mall. In a few years, many believe that Americans won’t ever go to the store, they will simply click a few buttons to dispatch a delivery truck.