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Date icon July 11, 2022
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Deep North + Dell: Providing Real-Time Shopper Analytics for Retailers

Retailers and shopping malls often struggle to pinpoint operational issues fast enough to correct them and avoid missed revenue opportunities.

By collaborating with Dell Technologies, Deep North can provide insightful analytics using a store’s existing video cameras, which can help Store Operations Managers make strategic adjustments within the store to lower costs, improve the customer experience, and boost sales revenues.

With Dell edge technologies, Deep North can rapidly ingest data, integrate it with the store’s existing BI and sales tools, and generate near real-time insights that empower managers and associates to act quickly and achieve superior business outcomes.

How Retailers and Shopping Malls Are Seeing 3X Cost Savings

For both Store Operations Managers and shopping mall owners, there is a desire to understand where shoppers are going when they enter a store or shopping center.

Getting the answers to strategic questions is mission-critical to improving the customer experience, ensuring appropriate resourcing throughout the store, and avoiding inefficiencies that can lead to missed sales opportunities. Examples include:

  • Where is the shopper going?
  • What stores or aisles will they visit during their time in the space?
  • What items, shelves, or other interactions are they having before check-out?
  • Was there a sales associate present to help them?
  • Was there a line at the fitting room or check-out?
  • Who are our shoppers? (Demographics)

In addition to operational efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience, retailers can also use Checkout IQ to reduce shrinkage by setting up real-time alerts that notify sales associates when customers exit a self-checkout with unscanned items.

Alternatively, this alerting system can be used to notify sales associates when customers are spending a longer time on a particular aisle so that they can engage the customers and facilitate potential sales.

For shopping mall owners whose focus is driving more traffic throughout the mall, they can determine the leasing rates for tenants based on the traffic volume for that area and position tenants effectively to drive successful results, drive traffic, and capture adequate data for labor planning and allocation.

Dell + Deep North: How Does It Work?

Deep North’s technology can be implemented using your existing security cameras that send video to be processed on premise with Dell edge computing technologies. Then, the metadata processed on our cloud-based AI platform can be integrated with your Business Intelligence and sales tools.

Deep North software makes it possible to capture, analyze, and act upon video analytics in real-time, providing object detection, reidentification, heatmapping, and behavior analytics to optimize the customer journey without disrupting existing security feeds.

While maintaining the highest level of governance and compliance with all privacy laws, Deep North’s AI can infer customer demographics while tracking through each store, department, or shopping center they visit.

Through our collaboration with Dell, we can custom tailor our solutions to accommodate the physical space considerations of each location including existing hardware, budget, power requirements, and strategic business objectives.

Ultimately, this allows us to provide an end-to-end experience with real-time dashboards, insights, reports, and data integration to existing analytic solutions to drive your strategic business goals.

The Retail Renaissance is Here

World-class enterprise retailers are already deploying Deep North’s AI solution to empower rapid, strategic decisions around issues such as:

  • Opening and closing checkout lanes based on predictive and real-time footfall data
  • Deploying associates to specific areas to improve customer service
  • Identifying and monitoring maximum occupancy to comply with local restrictions
  • Improving profitability by reducing shrink with Checkout IQ scan validation in self-checkout lanes
  • Detecting checkout fraud by identifying tags that don’t match products
  • Improving staff allocation, product assortment mix, instore VM (Visual Merchandising mix), and planogramming
  • Measuring customer & associate interactions that result in conversion
  • Measuring ROI of marketing events
  • Enhancing the guest experience at the lowest cost possible
  • Improving operational and security efficiency

Our revolutionary solution empowers retailers and shopping malls to produce three times the cost reduction and up to 10X ROI. And by using predictive zone analytics, retailers can align labor costs more effectively, reducing expenses and increasing sales by up to 10%.

Ready to learn more about the power of Deep North + Dell? Check out Dell’s Retail Edge Solution page here.

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