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Transforming Real-Time Shopper Analytics With Deep North + Dell

Deep North is proud to work with Dell Technologies to offer its video analytics platform to help provide retailers with real-time insights to better understand human behavior and the customer journey in the retail environment.

By understanding how shoppers are interacting in a store or shopping mall with products, aisles, shelves, and checkout, retailers and shopping centers can increase sales revenue and create better shopping experiences at a lower cost.

How It Works

Together with Dell, we build custom applications that work behind the scenes with AI and computer vision to analyze the number of visitors or traffic in the area.

This empowers Store Operations Management to answer strategic questions, such as:

  • How are customers navigating the aisles?
  • What are they touching or looking at?
  • Where do they pause?
  • When do they make their buying decisions?

Deep North provides an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile dashboard app that transforms incoming data into graphs and charts that recognize trends such as traffic peaks, occupancy, staffing, and sales.

Deep North + Dell Whitepaper


Use Cases

Deep North’s AI solution empowers Store Operations Managers to remain aware of store conditions and take action quickly.

For example, store personnel can receive an alert when the store is nearing the occupancy limit so associates can immediately switch from shelf-stocking to checkout lines.

Or, the mobile app can alert managers that customers are dwelling in housewares, so associates can relocate to those areas and better engage customers.

For traditional retailers and shopping malls, our technology can enhance the customer journey, marketing events and promotions, monitor safety and security, and more empowering our customers to decrease operational costs and increase in-store conversions by 10%.

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