Commercial real estate

Intelligent Computer Vision for Commercial Real Estate

Deep North’s AI and Computer Vision platform provides real estate owners and operators with insights into how their properties behave in ever-changing times and aids them in implementing strategies that drive higher ROI from development investments.

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Drive smart investment and space planning

Maximize property ROI

Create safer living and working environments for occupants and your team

How it Works


Step beyond tedious, ineffective security camera monitoring to next-stage technology.  Deep North digitizes video from across your property, detects behavior and creates real-time alerts that your team can address quickly and effectively.

Systems Intelligence

Gain insight into systems across your property (lighting, HVAC, Staffing) to identify failure and risk and optimize resource management based on occupancy and traffic patterns.

Tenant Usage and Traffic Flow

Use Deep North occupancy and traffic flow analytics to understand usage of amenities, dwell time and engagement, and to help create success for tenant businesses.

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