Change how you see the world.

Deep North. Simple. Scalable. Actionable video analytics for the physical world.

Powerful, Pragmatic AI, for the physical spaces.

Deep North’s powerful AI-enabled analytics engine leverages existing video and data infrastructure to deploy with unparalleled ease and speed across an infinite number of video cameras.
The company’s algorithm optimizes perpetually over time, turning actionable, real-time insights into rich trend reporting. This in turn informs prescriptive and predictive recommendations that allow customers to impact their business both in the moment and with an eye on future outcomes.

Simple. Scalable. Actionable.

Simple to Deploy

Deep North is hardware, cloud, and system agnostic. We use your existing video and data infrastructure to have you up and running in a week.

Scalable to Meet Your Business Needs

Customized dashboard gives you visibility to all metrics in one easy to use app wherever you are.

Real Time Alerts, Long Term Impact

Identify opportunities and barriers and action solutions real time. Transform your long-term strategy with data-driven predictive insights.

Data-rich, flexible metrics help sharpen your view into what is happening, real time in your physical space.

  • Footfall
  • Occupancy
  • Dwell Time
  • Heat Mapping
  • Checkout Time
  • Customer Journey
  • Queue Management
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Exit/Entry
  • Staffing

Fortune 500 Businesses Trust Deep North

Intelligent Video Analytics give you deeper visibility and more accurate data on how your business is performing real time.

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