Schools and Stadiums

School Districts and Boards struggle daily with safety. DeepNorth offers an alternative security solution to turning our education facilities into armed fortresses. With DeepNorth’s AI software, operating on existing security cameras, we can offer more security with faster response times.

Our AI technology can provide campus security the following metrics:


  • Registered Student and Faculty (with no PII collection).
  • Abnormal behaviour detection for individuals and crowds.
  • Cross camera tracking.
  • Occupancy count by sections and building total.
  • 24-hour surveillance inside and outside of the campus.
  • Monitor No-Go areas.
  • Direct alerts to security.

Real-Time Observation and Rapid Response Notification

DeepNorth Products include a comprehensive security sytem that can learn who is and who isn’t allowed on campus. The system will flag and track the person and notify security of the person of interest with real-time location with cross-camera tracking.

Zone Monitoring and Motion Alerts

DeepNorth’s AI does not rest. Twenty-four hours a day, it is able to monitor restricted areas, as well as, motion and gesture detection can identify unusal activity such as unauthorised entries, unattended bag/package, loitering, and high priority security alerts

Improved Security

Deep North products scan every pixel, of every frame, from every camera connected on campus. Improving detection and monitoring to a level that can not be achieved by current standards.

Occupancy Awareness

Whether it’s an auditorium or stadium, Deep North’s applications can keep accurate count of capacity and alert the approriate officials when capcity is reached and exceeded.