Intelligent computer vision for the physical world.

Real-time computer vision at your fingertips. Unlock new revenue with your existing video assets through our groundbreaking AI platform.


Anonymized video assets are digitized and converted into data sets for analysis.


Data is harnessed for immediate insights on occupancy, behavior and events.


Implement actionable insights to impact your business in real time.


Empower your teams, simplify store operations and provide an enhanced in-store customer experience

Deep North AI uses any video security system to give you unprecedented line of sight to your store, impact of staffing, merchandising, customer journey, store layout, and queue management.

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Shopping Centers

Transform your center into a lifestyle hub through deeper tenant, customer, and operational insight.

Shopping centers are now able to maximize leasing, improve operations and utilize more targeted marketing strategies to transform the center into a destination.

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Deep North brings data-rich insights, inherent in online consumer interactions, to any industry with a footprint in the physical world.

Commercial Real Estate

Evaluate the real life performance of your real estate investment in real time. Data-driven insights help create deeper engagement with tenants, more efficient staffing and operations, and long term ROI.

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Gain deeper insights on passenger movement and pain points as well as in the terminal and below the wing operations to create a safer, happier experience for travelers.

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Warehouses & Manufacturing

Build operational excellence with greater visibility to floor activity, staffing, equipment, and inventory.

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Having a Global Connect

Deep North is proud to have successfully partnered with external organizations that share our vision to bring digital transformation. We are committed to delivering our software solutions through a global network of experienced partners with a local presence.

We work with leading companies, continually thriving to innovate and bring a revolutionary change in the brick and mortar world.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Our Technology

Deep North combines proprietary algorithms and a real-time inference pipeline with deep learning to identify objects in a physical space and analyze their behavior and movement to predict outcomes and drive success.  Our platform relies on completely anonymized data protecting individual privacy while delivering actionable insights.

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Let's Connect

Our team is here to help you understand how our product can fit into your existing video infrastructure, answer technical questions, or schedule a demo.