Using Deep North’s AI and Computer Vision platform, shopping centers are now able to maximize tenant leasing, improve operational intelligence and utilize more effective, targeted marketing strategies, transforming the center into a lifestyle destination filled with great customer experiences.
Shopping Centers
Property Circulation
Observe, analyze, and act on traffic patterns in the mall, identify ‘hot spots’ and correlate occupancy with external data such as current weather, public holidays and events. Successful strategies based on footfall circulation ensure maximum coverage for all tenants.
Shopping Centers
Tenant Health
Access tenant data to understand shopper activity as it relates to capture rates and merchandising categories - and, ultimately predict the success of each individual tenant.
Shopping Centers
Cross-Shopping Patterns
Detect popular synergies between tenants in order to optimize store placement and cross-tenant promotions within the shopping center.
Shopping Centers
Event Marketing
Ensure that marketing events reach the highest-possible return on investment with historical data and predictive analytics.
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