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Automate Social Distancing Management with Deep North

Resilient companies are facing the challenge of building back by focusing on their organizational strengths and making data-backed decisions.

Many businesses are cautiously seeking out new technology solutions that will improve their short-term operational efficiency, help them adapt to the current pandemic environment, and plan for a stronger future.

Deep North COVID-19 solutions help guard the health and safety of your customers and employees.
COVID-19 Solutions
People Counting & Occupancy
Mask Detection
Social Distancing
Sanitization Management
Curbside Pickup

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt strongly across retail, travel, hospitality, and real estate sectors with widespread global economic damage.

Economies are reopening in a phased manner, allowing people to socialize, shop, and even dine out, with precaution. People are adopting preventive measures such as social distancing, masks, and sanitation as they patiently wait for their favorite brands and stores to reopen fully.

Rising expectations of ‘safe environments’ will propel businesses to reinvent their spaces and layouts.

Economy Post COVID-19: We’re Observing

Growth in Retail Sales

Growth in Retail Sales

Retail sales jumped 1.9% month-over-month in September of 2020.
Increase in Hotel Occupancy

Increase in Hotel Occupancy

Occupancy rates in hotels reached 48.3%, from 24.5% in April.
Increase in Passengers at US Airports

Increase in Passengers at US Airports

Travel saw slow but steady growth of 28% in daily passengers at US airports from Sept to Oct.
Rise in Restaurant Reservations

Rise in Restaurant Reservations

Almost 60% of restaurants are now taking reservations; staffing levels rose in May.
''With the application of Deep North’s video intelligence, businesses can eventually become stronger with enhanced safety, improved efficiencies, and delivery of superior customer experiences.''

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